All the best catamaran cruises in Mauritius

Mauritius Island is considered as Paradise Island. It is surrounded with blue turquoise water and white sandy beaches which make the island a beauty. There are different ways tourists can discover Mauritius which is whether by experiencing sea activities, land activities or air activities. Catamaran trips are among the best sea activities which one can experience if they want to discover Mauritius. The following catamaran trips are among the best catamaran trips in Mauritius.

1. Catamaran to Gabriel Island via Coin de Mire. The departure point of this trip is Grand Bay Sunset Boulevard. As clients embark the catamaran, they are welcomed by the crew members. The crew members brief them about security measures. They sail towards Gabriel Island. The sailing time is 1.5 hours. The catamaran sails via Coin de Mire (also known as Gunners Quoin). The catamaran anchors at Gabriel Island. This is where the guests choose either to explore the island by strolling around or by taking a sun bath. Afterwards, the clients embark on the catamaran to have a BBQ buffet lunch and beverages on the catamaran. After having lunch, the catamaran sails towards Coin de Mire which is a perfect site for diving. Those who love snorkeling, will discover the underwater world which is plenty of colorful fishes. Those who do not possess the right swimming skills, they can avail themselves of the opportunity to observe white bird tailed. They can also seize the golden opportunity to take ‘selfies’ among families and friends. On the way back to Grand Bay, the guests are offered fruits as dessert. They will be entertained by local Sega songs.


2. Catamaran to Gabriel Island, Flat Island via Coin de Mire. This trip is very popular as it involves visiting 3 northern peninsulas. The first sail is towards Gabriel Island. The catamaran sails via Coin de Mire. The passengers explore Gabriel Island and Flat Island. Flat Island and Gabriel Island is not too far. From Gabriel Island, one can view Flat Island. Flat Island has got a lighthouse and a government house which makes it unique from other islands. While returning back to the departure point, the catamaran stops at Coin de Mire for snorkeling. The people observe white bird tailed which is also known as ‘Pailles en Queue’ bird. By stroke of luck, they can encounter dolphins and whale. If this happens, the crew members will stop the catamaran for the guests to observe these wonderful creatures closer. Afterwards, the catamaran sails back to the departure point.


3. Catamaran to Benitiers Island-View Dolphins and Crystal Rock. This trip is the favorite of most clients as this involves viewing dolphins. The clients embark the catamaran from Black River. The guests sail towards La Preneuse lagoon where they receive a light breakfast and they play with dolphins in the morning. They cruise towards Crystal Rock where stunning views of Rempart Mountain can be observed. Snorkeling is done near Crystal Rock. Afterwards, the catamaran heads towards Benitiers Island for exploration. The island is surrounded by casuarinas trees and pristine beach. Clients can choose to snorkel or have a sun bath. This is the last part of the trip and after that, the catamaran sails back to Black River.


4. Catamaran to Ile aux Cerfs via Grand River South East waterfall. The catamaran departs from Four A Chaux. There is a boat transfer to Grand River South East waterfall where clients get the chance to view the amazing waterfalls. After visiting the waterfall, the guests are transported to Eau Bleue for snorkeling and then they are transferred to the catamaran again to have a BBQ lunch buffet and beverages. The last part of this trip is to bring the guests on Ile aux Cerfs. The guests can relax on the island by selecting either to snorkel or to swim. A range of waters sports are offered on the island in terms of parasailing, tube riding and undersea walking. These kinds of activities can be arranged for the guests as per their preferences.


There are different types of catamaran trips that can be arranged such as sunset dinner cruise, overnight catamaran, 4 days catamaran trip, exclusive catamaran trip, catamaran to Flat Island via Coin de Mire, among others. These trips allow the guests to discover different kinds of islets in Mauritius.