Mauritius: The astonishing illusion of an underwater waterfall


Mauritius was formed 7 to 10 million years ago at the instigation of the large caldera volcanoes which can still be seen today. Discovered by the Arabs in 975, it has beautiful coastlines and coral reef that protects the lagoons and beaches with coconut palms and casuarina trees.

On the southwest tip of the island, another show is to discover from the air. The deposits of sand and silt form an optical illusion giving the impression of seeing a real waterfall diving. View from the satellites, the illusion is even more impressive since natural curves formed by sediments are believe to be a huge waterfall that plunges beneath the ocean.


A fascinating illusion lies at the southwestern tip of the island. From the air, a flow of sand and silt deposits gives the illusion of an underwater waterfall. With aerial photography, visual misleading impression is absolutely breathtaking! In fact, this natural curiosity can even be seen on Google Maps. Spectacular satellite photos we would almost believe that there is an underwater waterfall off the coast of this tropical paradise. With more photos, the landscape seems to have been painted with shades of green, blue and white, creating the false impression that a waterfall falls into the Indian Ocean bottom.


This is the sand that causes this magical illusion, and that is found in the most brightly colored water. Important waves crashing in this part of the island scatter the sand and it thus forms a natural flow “down”. With these images we really feel that this is a real waterfall, but the phenomenon is even more amazing


We all know that Mauritius is known as a paradise Island, but these images add even more appeal to the volcanic island.