The best cultural excursions in Mauritius


Mauritius is often synonymous with beach turquoise sea and tropical climate but also small island rich in history. During our stay in Mauritius we made a selection of the best places to visit to learn more about this wonderful culture.

The Tea Route de Saint Aubin



A real discovery for lovers of good teas, the visit is divided into 3 stables (the colonial house in the field of last Aubineaux colonial mansion of the 19th century, plantations and Bois Cheri tea factory and distillery St Aubin), ending with a delicious lunch in the colonial house in St Aubin. The tour will continue in a stable converted into a boutique distillery and essential oils.

Castle of Labourdonnais


Chateau de Labourdonnais, Mauritius ©MDHarding

A beautiful area preserved and surrounded by abundant nature, Castle of Labourdonnais is a journey through time to discover a lifestyle that is now only found in the novels of the nineteenth century but the Mauritian style … The castle was well maintain and remains a must see attraction in Mauritius, this architectural marvel built in 1859 is a pleasure for the eyes.

The Adventure of Sugar


Once the pillar of the Mauritian economy when it was still on its first steps in the big leagues, Sugar has long occupied a prominent place in the life of Mauritians. Coveted and adored sugar was the basis of changes after the independence of this little paradise, omnipresent on the island’s sugar plantations saw the arrival of the great families of farmers and drawing history and identity of Mauritius. Its epic adventure is told at L’Aventure du sucre.

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